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American Madonna

During the past century, there was too much aggression and hostility in art and life. Because of this, I have promised myself that I will paint for love and unity. For unity between all people, races, religions, man and nature, and for tolerance between the rich and the poor. For me, this is not an abstract idea, but my deep feeling and belief.

As humans, we need to remember some very simple things like joy, tears, happiness... This is why time in my painting is reflected by a stillness. The history and memory of mankind are gathered in one place.

My painting is a message to all people who need love and beauty. What everyone will see in them has already happened, is happening at the moment or will happen in the future. These images are inspired by the memory of mankind and the purest vibrations that people feel.

These paintings are like children to me and that is why I am thankful if they bring joy and satisfaction. For me, painting is a form of thinking. It is a way of living. It is a mission impossible to give up. Painting is a salvation for my wicked soul...

Peter Mitchev, 1999


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