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American Madonna
Welcome to the mysteries of Peter Mitchev

"A celebrated artist of considerable note in his native Bulgaria, wider appreciation of Mitchev's achievements began extending to every corner of Western Europe when his homeland was politically decloistered by the relaxation of Soviet states. Since 1990, he has had numerous solo showing in prestigious galleries in France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Luxemburg and Switzerland. Since relocating to Florida two years ago, his U.S. exhibitions have unfurled their virtues between New Orleans and Vail, Colorado."

  New Art International, Volume VIII 2002-2003

American Madonna, the name of my new art site, was born by the idea that America - the land of freedom, dreams and love - was created by ethnic, religious and cultural diversity, and that the people born in this sacred land are already the true Americans.

This is why I wanted to present this idea in a picture titled American Madonna. A young woman kneeling down, covered with a mantle decorated with the symbols and colors of many religions and cultures that coexist peacefully in this country, hugging tenderly and lovingly her sleeping child wrapped in the American flag - symbol of the safety and inviolability of the people born under this flag. For me, this is how every woman giving birth to her child in the land of the freedom, becomes an American Madonna.


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